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Диво дивное


Сие есть самое нагугливаемое американцами разных штатов с момента выборов.
Или - что американцев волнует в настощее время прежде всего:

What the hell is going on?

Vladimir Putin / Putin election hack / Trump Putin phone call

Trump is a liar / Trump appointments to cabinet

Putin prostitute remark / Russian prostitutes / Donald Trump Russian prostitutes

Tillerson Putin / Donald Trump Nazi

Impeach Trump petition / Impeachment / Will Donald Trump be impeached? / Is Donald Trump going to be impeached? / Las Vegas odds Trump impeachment

Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada / How to emigrate to Canada / How to emigrate to Australia

Definition of lie / What is critical thinking? / Are we going to die? /

Who is my Senator? / Who is my Congressman?

Donald Trump a sociopath? / Trump hands photoshop

Autocracy / Obstructionism / What is populism? / Fascism / xenophobia / filibuster / Plutocracy

Internment of Japanese Americans

Mike Pence booed / Gay dance party Mike Pence

Steve Bannon domestic violence / Steve Bannon Leninist / Steve Bannon Nazi

Sean Spicer lies / Who is Sean Spicer?

Michael Flynn Russia / How old is Giuliani? / Kellyanne Conway comedy

Clinton blames Comey / Where is Hillary Clinton now?

How much would it cost to build a wall? / Trump inauguration protests

How to stop Trump? / Trump approval rating today

Can Obama run again?

Where is Somalia? / Where is Syria? / Where is Yemen? / What is NATO?

Animal Farm

Donald Trump pee pee party

Brave New World


(выборочно и вразнобой)

Особо отмечу: "Интернирование американцев японского происхождения".

Более подробное огугливание



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Ну, собственного, понятно какого (чьего) именно "собственного" бодуна.
Я лишь по факту.

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